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Mr Box Office Briefs - About Us


Perhaps you've been buying boxers wrong, your entire life. 

At mbo, we believe that underwear should be comfortable, just as much as it is sexy, cute, playful – whatever you feel, while wearing it.

We believe in love at first wear.

Our handpicked selection features a diverse catalogue of boxers, briefs, jockstraps, funderpants, swimwear and accessories for men ;)

Every pair of underwear come with a velvety soft waistband for that snug fit, preventing ride up. Stretchable but cotton-blend fabric makes lunging and lounging entirely possible. Plus, its breathable material will keep you cool feeling cool and odour-free, as you go through your day.


Mr Box Office - About Us


Who Are We?

mbo underwear is proudly presented to you by the three of us (left to right in the picture): Nick, Hayden and Sharma. We started mbo in 2021 with one main objective – to democratise and diversify the underwear offering for all of men-kind.

Because balls don't deserve boring!

We're still pretty young, but we're actively updating our assortment to bring you the quirkiest and sexiest designs. We're slowly but surely expanding our network of manufacturers, and in order to keep prices low (translated to cost savings, for you) and the quality high, we ship directly from our suppliers.

mbo goes beyond the traditional business of just selling – we're friendly guys and we'd love to get to know you too! If you have anything on your mind, a question, or even a design you'd like us to take on, drop us a DM on Instagram or give us a holler at hello@thisismbo.com!